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Frozen (2013)

Elsa and Anna live in Arendelle, a kingdom rule by his father, one day Elsa accidently injures Anna with his powers that makes ice and snow. His father takes Anna to the trolls who heal her and also remove any memory about Elsa power.

One day the king and queen die at sea, so Elsa is prepared so she can rule his father kingdom. But before the coronation she has a discussion with Anna, this makes her power burst out and an eternal winter falls into the kingdom. Elsa runs into the mounting and Anna decides to go look for her to try to stop the eternal winter and save the kingdom.


  • Princess8800

    nice movie

  • Mary A G Delan

    I love it very beautiful movie

  • Charmaine Ngayodan

    soooooooo looooovvvvvveeeeee iiiiiiitttttt!!!!!:)

  • Minn Zaw

    Ty everyone and please keep supporting Disney and other company such as Pixar and Warner Bros animation

    • HBC BUG

      How is streaming the movie online supportive?

      • Sammy Wang


  • heathersfan

    AWESOME this movie is so funny

  • Carla Paul

    Now i can watch this whenever I want.

  • venissa

    you said you loved the movie so instead of saying “I love the movie” why did you say soooooooo looooovvvvvveeeeee iiiiiiitttttt!!!!! it does not make sense you really are horrible at spelling you need some spelling lessons so instead of watching a movies why don’t you go and study your vocabulary or spelling words.Trust me it will help you out.

    • Carla Paul

      What are you a spelling teacher? People can do what they want and you can’t do anything about it so shut your big fat asshole and watch the movie!

      Oh and I forgot, soooooooo looooovvvvvveeeeee iiiiiiitttttt!!!!! :)

    • kat

      I have to say I also sooooooooo loooovvveee iiiiiiitttttt !!!!!!! Great movie :)
      Just to let you no, there are a number of punctuation errors in your preach about bad vocabulary!
      That is all :)

    • pinzutu

      Junior troll? Your grammar is atrocious

  • nany

    i love this movie

  • Katie


  • Katie


  • Charmaine Ngayodan

    second time watching it…cAn’t be helped….:)

    • Tyfoonable

      fifth time!

  • nany

    why are you fighting? venissa and carla paul

  • nany

    this is a good movie. I am eleven years old but i like to watch kids movies

    • sabrina

      Me too

    • Evelyn

      Me too but im 13

    • Tyfoonable

      Me too, soon 15 xD maturity ya know?

    • Nur Insyirah

      i am eleven too..but isn’t eleven is a kid too

    • Teeg

      Dude, im 17 and im watching this..

      • pinzutu

        Yeah, I’m 17 too. Aint nothin wrong with watching well animated films

    • Alice Newman

      so your still a kid

  • sara

    love it

  • Astrids Silly faces ;D

    lol this movie is funny

  • saja

    it is a lovely movie and interesting
    i really love Elsa!!!!!!


      me 2 i love frozen in my first time

    • Syeda Shazia

      i love this movie.And its song LET IT GO is fantastic

      • Syeda Shazia

        i also love Anna and Elsa.Elsa dress is beautifulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

  • Syed Asad DK

    i ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm luv it <3

  • Lizzie

    Cool movie I love it

  • olof

    hi am a snowman

  • yolo

    is it my internet or does this video buffers alot

    • Lac

      It does… -.-

    • replier

      itdidnt bufferfor me alot

    • Tania Qureshi

      It really does! -_-

  • Rainbowcandy221

    I love it

  • Rainbowcandy221

    I’m eleven too and I watch Barbie even though I’m a tomboy caused it’s very interesting

    • Joeb Lenard A. Ticao


  • instagram

    I love the movie, Disney really dizerved the Oscars!

  • Jc San Juan

    how to download? please help….

    • kitty

      Download what?

      • Jc San Juan

        how to download this movie? frozen….

        • kitty

          You don’t have to download it you can just download it online

          • Jc San Juan

            err… ???????????

          • pinzutu

            when you watch it on the browser its not called downloading, but streaming… you’re being misleading

  • kitty

    Download what?

    • kitty


  • kitty

    I really love this movie and I just sung let it go in the school talent show!

  • Aqil Azamuddin

    fantastic story


    watched this with my nieces last night. Lol they was too geeked

  • Elsarocks

    Elsa is so cool i have a beding of her!

  • Infamous99

    does this cost money

    • awesomnessinacup

      i dont think so

  • Jimmy Nguyen

    Wish that I could be in their world :(

  • Sarah Tarter

    Best movie ever! :p though that’s probably the 7th time ive watched it :D ….Fun Fact: Olaf was josh gad improvising. he apparently improvised most of his lines, which left the animators with the task of animating whatever josh gad’s heart desired… :)

  • Sakura

    Really love this movie.

  • ♛ Qιsтιna.♛

    i love this movie so much ^^

  • lauren

    i watched it 2 times it is a beautiful movie

  • Meckenzee

    i love this movie so much

  • aeman

    my also

  • nany

    All of you listen carefully. Must WATCH THE SECRET WINGS.
    I love ellsa

  • alex

    your internet, yolo

  • alex

    Yolo it is your internet

  • red velvet cupcake

    Awsome movie

  • whee

    its your internet

  • isabella

    how do you full screen this on kindle

  • Ace

    why cant i watch this on my laptop? every time i open it, it redirects me to an ad not the mvoie

    • Tyfoonable

      I think you just close the tab with the ad, and then go back to the tab with the movie playing, I use chrome, and that’s what happens for me. Hope this helps! :D

  • penguin


  • Purple Star

    Watch till the end of the credits!(GIANT SNOWMAN)

  • yoooooooo

    this movie though

    • yoooooooo

      love itttttt

  • Amalia Costa

    “You can’t marry a man you just met” Well about time Disney! Thank you Elsa for being practical!

  • Torilynn

    Love it a very beautiful movie.

  • Arjelyn

    Did anyone see Tangled in the movie?

  • Guest

    im 13 and i love kids moviesn n_n

  • Becca

    i hate the movie but i like the songs

  • lilymae

    I can’t pause it without it stopping

  • Elsa

    i am really happy there is frozen movie online for free!!!!!! i love Elsa and Anna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kristie

    love frozen and elsa dress its just awesome

    • Syeda Shazia

      its is

  • nany

    I want to chat with youuuuu……….

  • Kristie

    really whats ur age??

  • Echo51

    Love the song LET IT GO

  • Elsa

    lol im 19:p n watchng ths:D

  • nany

    zama elsa aoa anna sam khwakh de
    This is pushto okay
    Who will tell me it in english

  • ahmad mursyid

    thanks you very much #disnep movie online for this movie

  • Deekshi

    I love this movie ever I’M 11 year old

  • Sarah

    How can I download this movie to my computer, so that I can watch it anytime without the internet? Please help.

  • Aritra Das

    Very nice Animation

  • I don’t want to tell you

    I love u Olaf!

  • Ami Okami

    i had to cry..but at the same time i died laughing when dude got punched and i love the plottwist! so much unexpected stuff going on

  • sofia


  • sajitha

    gud movie

  • Rainbowcandy221


  • im going to wach frozend now

    im gerr wach frozen in the night i havent wach it frozen is cool and fun

  • Lovey Kyungsoo

    The best movie ever!!! And it’s so sad T^T

  • sally mondarez

    i like it! and song let it go

  • ELSA101

    Elsa is my favorite

  • aryana granda

    first i thorght it is shit then i watched it then i said what the fuck is going on that is good

    yours sincely aryana granda

  • Moona


  • John Paul Gutierrez

    Its my 20 times ived watched this Movie!! I Love You ELSA!!! <3

  • Dark


  • Angela De Jesus

    I think they must have frozen 2 i think its all about elsa or anna’s lovestory

  • Tien Nguyen

    I know cool movie